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Our most spontaneous post ever—following your questions 🤓

We receive a lot of questions about the experience of the tools, and we understand why the question is asked—after all, there are platform engineers who have knowledge in Cloud infrastructure, DevOps, and so on, but they (or some of them) are not business product developers. They are own on internal tools development for improving the development process, workflow, and of course, the developers’ experience.

There are many tips that can help you to improve the tools you build. For instance:

  • Make an automated feedback loop: Get feedback directly from the tools (monitoring, questions form at the end of the usage, and so on).

  • Enable developers to create tasks for you: They can send reports of bugs/improvements/any idea they have.

  • But the most important thing that will make your tool’s user experience so great is one important thing you have to remember: Unlike development teams that develop the business product and use it themselves only in tests or demo meetings, platform developers have a significant advantage that allows them to produce top-quality tools with an excellent user experience—why? Because they are also developers themselves, so, as platform engineers - use the tools you built, as your users use them.

If the team's goal is to develop tools for developers, there is no justifiable reason for the platform team not to use the same tools.


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